Christopher Leebrick, Award-Winning Storyteller

Oregon Storyteller, Christopher Leebrick, has dazzled audiences with his remarkable storytelling ability since he was just thirteen years old.  Children and adults throughout the United States enjoy his extensive repertoire of world folk tales, legends, whoppers, and original stories. From the hills of Appalachia to the cowboy country of the Oregon high desert, from Edgar Allan Poe to Dr. Seuss, from native America to Africa, Christopher offers a cornucopia of the world’s most entertaining tales.  Chris performs school assemblies, library summer reading programs, festival concerts, college and university shows, church events, and perhaps the most fun of all–stories around the campfire!  He also offers storytelling performances at birthdays as well as private and corporate parties.  Click here to read more About Chris Leebrick.

storytelling_400“Awesome! . . . Fantastic! . . . You have to get that guy back!”
— Twality Middle School, Tualatin OR

“Chris . . . commands a powerful presence. His nuances and gestures are extraordinary.”
— Australian National Storytelling Festival

“Wow! Christopher is a master of his craft and such a treasured inspiration . . . a 10!”
— Lane County Educators, OR

National Award-Winning CD’s

Children and grownups continue to rave about professional storyteller Christopher Leebrick and his award-winning CD’s!  These multicultural collections are great for family car trips, classrooms, libraries, and especially–individual listening.  You’ll get hooked!  Chris’ first two CD’s received national Storytelling World Awards.  His third collection is entitled “SPOOOKY!” ( a collection of fun scary stories).  Don’t be afraid . . . . this CD won a national award as well!  Find out more at the  CD Store.

“Sometimes I fear that we have lost the power to tell stories, but your CD reminds me that the art remains alive and well.”
— Harvard Professor, Maria Tatar, author of The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales

Click to buy this story CD Click to buy this story CD Click to buy this story CD
Good Stories From All Over Critters, Kids, & Cowboys Spoooky!

Upcoming Performances for Children and Adults

Track professional storyteller Christopher Leebrick on his adventures and travels across Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, the United States and beyond!  Find out the latest news about his upcoming storytelling shows, educational workshops for children and adults, new recordings and more.  Click on: News and Shows.

storytelling_tent_200“Chris enjoys his work . . . and this radiated to the entire audience . . . .”
— Citrus Ridge Library, Florida

“. . . truly impressive. The rapture on the faces of both the grownups and kids was proof of how much your performance was enjoyed.”
— Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles, CA

Connect with Chris Leebrick

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Chris works year round as one of the busiest Portland, Oregon storytellers.  He offers dynamic high-energy storytelling performances for children, teens, and adults at school assemblies, library summer reading programs, college and university shows, festivals, churches, campfires, as well as birthdays and private and corporate parties. His travel range includes the great state of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and as far away as Australia, France, and Israel.  For further info, fees, and booking: Contact Chris.

Chris_Leebrick_kids“If ya wan’ the good oil, then Christopher’s yarns the real bee’s knees!”
— Kalamunda Library, Australia

“Christopher Leebrick enthralls . . . .”
— Lake County Examiner, Lakeview Oregon

“Christopher spins tales in ways that fire the listener’s imagination . . . a first-rate Storyteller.”
— Register Guard Newspaper