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Seeing Place Productions presents… Award-Winning CD’s by Christopher Leebrick
Enjoy the timeless art of Storytelling! Great for personal listening, school and library collections, family story-times, and car trips. These CD’s also make a unique & unforgettable gift!

ALL 3 CD Bundle!

CD_bundle_600Order all three in the “Good Stories” series in one shipment and save money! You receive three award-winning CD’s:  Volume 1, “Good Stories From All Over”, Volume 2, “Critters, Kids, and Cowboys”, and Volume 3 “Spooooky!”

Note:  these CD’s feature great cover art by cartoonist Dan Pegoda.   Kids love to look for their favorite characters!   Click on each CD image below and check it out!

Get all 3 CDs in this great Bundle — Includes Volume I, II, & III at a special savings of $39.95
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“SPOOOKY!” Tales told by Christopher Leebrick

Spooky CD -- Tales told by Christopher Leebrick
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Winner of a Storytelling World Award! Good Stories Volume III presents another diverse collection — this time featuring SPOOOKY stories! Volume III includes an electrifying rendition of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, as well as stories of ghosts, witches, monsters and creepy things that go bump in the night. Recommended for older children, teens, and grownups who still like to get spoooked!

“SPOOOKY!”, Good Stories Volume III, is available on CD: $14.95

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“Critters, Kids, and Cowboys”

Critters, Kids and Cowboys, Good Stories Vol. II CD -- told by Christopher Leebrick
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Honored with a Storytelling World Award! This diverse collection includes more tales from southern Appalachia, a Spanish ghost story, two northwest Native American legends, delightful narrative poetry, and the further adventures of Tebo Ortego, legendary cowboy of the Oregon high desert. Fun for both children and adults!Good Stories Volume II, told by award-winning storyteller, Christopher Leebrick.

“Critters, Kids, and Cowboys”, Good Stories Volume II, is available on CD: $14.95

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Critters, Kids and Cowboys CD Back -- Tales told by Christopher Leebrick
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“Good Stories From All Over”

Good Stories from All Over, as told by Christopher Leebrick
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“Good Stories From All Over”, Volume I, is Chris’ first CD and remains one of his most popular. Honored with a Storytelling World Award, this CD is an enchanting multicultural collection and includes folk tales from the hills of Appalachia, a Native American legend, a wonderful adventure story from Africa, a cowboy story from the Oregon high desert, narrative poetry, as well as a little known story from the Brothers Grimm. Check it out!

“Good Stories From All Over”, Volume I, is available on CD: $14.95

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Good Stories from All Over, CD Back, as told by Christopher Leebrick
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What folks are saying about Chris’ CD’s:

“Leebrick knows a good story when he hears it and knows precisely how to deliver it.” — Register-Guard Newspaper

“Sometimes I fear that we have lost the power to tell stories, but your CD (‘Good Stories From All Over’) reminds me that the art of storytelling remains alive and well.”  — Harvard Professor, Maria Tatar, author of The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales

” We highly recommend ‘Spooky’ …  get ready to feel the shivers!” Sam Payne, host of The Apple Seed (National Storytelling Program), BYU Radio

“Wow, your CD (‘Spoooky!’) is good! ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ is amazing. You’ve outdone yourself . . . I’ve never heard you tell better . . . .” — Rick Deats, Storyteller

“A chilling rendition of Poe’s classic.”  —Storytelling World Magazine ( re: “The Tell-Tale Heart” from CD “Spoooky!”)

“Critters, Kids, and Cowboys’ is exceptional . . . we can’t keep his CD’s on the shelf!” — Bonnie Warren, Youth Librarian

“The kids and I have been listening to ‘Critters, Kids, and Cowboys’ and we are loving it! . . . . We are doing a storytelling unit in the classroom and the CD has fit in brilliantly.” Edward Faraci, Elementary Teacher and Storyteller, Queensland, Australia

“The CD (‘Good Stories From All Over’) … reveals Leebrick as a first-rate storyteller who spins tales in a way that fires the audience”s imagination.” — Register Guard Newspaper, Eugene, OR

“‘Good stories From All Over’ is hot!  I enjoyed listening to it.” — Bobby Norfolk, Emmy Award-winning Storyteller

“My 11 year old grandson described your CD as cool!” — Bonnie Warren, Woodburn, Oregon

“I really love it.  It is one of the best storytelling recordings I’ve heard.” — Anthony Clark, Storyteller, Columbia, MO

“Something fell from a teacher’s bookbag during a recent chat. I quickly joked, ‘whatever hit’s the floor is mine!’  She replied, ‘I’d give you my purse before I’d part with this CD!’  The CD was yours!  With that kind of endorsement I simply had to get a copy for myself.” —Kim Minafo, Educational Coordinator, North Carolina