(Excerpts from CD, “Good Stories From All Over”…)

Pat and the Mule Egg” (Irish-Appalachian)

“Strange Animal”  (Zimbabwe, Africa)

“The Wind and the Moon”  (by George MacDonald)

(Excerpts from CD, “Critters, Kids, and Cowboys”…)

“Soap, Soap, Soap!” (Appalachian)

“Coyote’s First Love” (NW Native American)

(Excerpts from CD, “Spoooky!”…)

“The Tell-Tale Heart” (by Edgar Allan Poe)

“The Witches Excursion” (Irish)

“Big Lake Sasquatch” (Pacific NW)

Want to see Chris interviewed by the two most charming interviewers in the history of 3rd grade journalism?  Check out “Christopher Leebrick Interview”:

Clips from Christopher’s performance of  “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe                             Note:  this spoooooky performance is for adults and children ages 12 and up!

Hungry for a bit more Poe?  This little known poem was composed when he was only 20 years old.  It was not published until 1875, 26 years after his death.  This brief poem reveals a fascinating glimpse into Poe’s outlook, and to me is one of the most haunting pieces he ever wrote.  It is called “Alone.”  Enjoy.