NEW BOOK! “The Art and Craft of Telling Stories”

New Storytelling Book!

My new book is for actors, storytellers, teachers, public speakers, parents, grandparents –and ANYONE who wants to learn how to rehearse and perform a good story. Order your copy today!

Print version: $19.95

PDF version: $11.95

“You are doing splendid work and the book is very engaging.” –Leslie Reidel, Theatre Director, Professor of Theatre

Whether telling, teaching, or learning how to tell a story, you’ll want a copy of Christopher Leebrick’s book as a permanent addition to your bookshelf. The Art And Craft Of Telling Stories is a keeper.   –Mike Perry, Storyteller

“It was great! … I really enjoyed the entire book.” –Suzanne Yeakey, School Librarian

“I have now read this book cover to cover twice …. I plan on going back to it often for advice and inspiration …. This is a great read.” –Randall Lord, Theatre Artist

“It’s a really good practical guide …. a person wanting to tell stories professionally or for fun could start from zero and get as far as their passion and hard work would take them.” –Wade Alden, Actor/Storyteller

“Your book is a marked accomplishment and just beautifully done, the pages are a pleasure to turn.”  –Misty Stepper, Homeschool Teacher

“ …. some extremely good advice.  I could almost hear you speaking to me. The final paragraph was powerful.” –Christine Begovich, Teacher/Storyteller

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